Things You Might Not Know Your Insurance Covers!

February 2015
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We all have a pretty good understanding of what our insurance covers, for instance our auto policy covers accidents with other vehicles or objects and our home policy covers weather damage and burglaries. But did you know that your insurance probably covers things you had no idea it would cover.

Things Falling from the Sky :

Debris from space falling to earth such as asteroids, meteors, and satellites are actually covered by your current home or auto policy. The chances of this happening are very minute to say the least. But in the rare case that this were to happen to you it’s good to know that you would be financially protected by your insurance company.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies have what is called “open perils” policies. This means that you are protected from anything that is not specifically excluded from the policy.

For your auto insurance, if a satellite, meteor, or any space debris were to hit your car the coverage would actually be provided under an optional comprehensive side of an auto insurance policy. And also in the tragic event that a person was to be struck by any kind of space debris, his or hers injuries would be covered under their health insurance policy.

So literally if the sky seems to be falling around you, your insurance can provide assistance and peace of mind.

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