BBQ Safety

May 2018
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The temperatures are creeping up (a little too quickly if you ask this Midwestern transplant) and the days are getting longer. This all means we are coming up on summer: more nights outside, more gatherings, more adventures, and more BBQ’s.  Like always, Atchley and Associates is here to the rescue, providing our Top Ten BBQ Safety Tips for the season.


  1. Keep the grill at least 10ft from the house. The further the better. Keep your open flames as far away from your flammable house. 
  2. Clean grill regularly. Grilling that steak every week leaves grease and fat build-up, which equals fuel for a fire. Clean your grill with a grill brush before lighting up!
  3. Check for gas leaks. No one wants gas leaking. Try rubbing down all the hoses with a solution of half water, half liquid dish soap.  The soap will form bubbles wherever there are leaks!
  4. Keep decorations away from grill. Your lovely backyard decorations do double duty as fire fuel.  Keep them away from the grill too to avoid any accidents.
  5. Keep a spray bottle with H20 handy. This is a great approach to keep small flare-ups under control. It also won’t harm your food, so dinner can still be great.
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. You know, just in case your spray bottle method doesn’t seem to be working OR you stepped away for a bit too long. Just make sure you know how to use it!


  1. Don’t use a grill indoors. Open fire + carbon monoxide = problems for everyone in the house. Keep even the smallest grills outdoors.
  2. Don’t overload with food. Too much fatty meat cooking away to perfection can drip an abundance of fat on the flames at once, potentially causing flare-ups no one wants to face!
  3. Don’t leave unattended. Fires can build quick, dirty, and faster than you think possible. Go ahead bring out everything you need to create that BBQ magic, including the cold beer.
  4. Don’t turn gas on with lid closed. With the lid closed, gas will build up inside the grill.  So, when you do light it… yeah, WHOOOSH. Just don’t do it.

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