Are You Informed on Rideshare Insurance?

September 2016
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If you are using your car for transportation networking in Southern California, you need rideshare insurance. Some of you reading this may be unaware of what exactly rideshare is. Rideshare is defined as the sharing of vehicles by passengers. Types of transportation that are considered ridesharing include carpool, vanpool, and transit or public transport. This is the category that mobile services such as Uber and Lyft fall under.

With the increase in popularity of these services, ridesharing insurance has been on the rise and is extremely necessary. Although there are some ways around obtaining rideshare insurance, it is not recommended to drive without it. Risks of not obtaining rideshare insurance include:

  • Being dropped from your insurance carrier.
  • Higher insurance rates.
  • Driving with no coverage.

We have complied a wealth of information from .

There are also three types of exposures that pertain to rideshare insurance:

  • Period 1 – Online & WITHOUT a ride request
  • Period 2 – Online & WITH a ride request (en route to pick-up, waiting for rider to come out, etc)
  • Period 3 – Online & with rider in car

Aside from this, the three types of rideshare friendly policies include:

  • Commercial coverage
  • Period 1 coverage only
  • Rideshare friendly personal policies (coverage is excluded but your policy will not be canceled)

There are only a few insurance companies testing the waters with policies designed specifically for Uber and Lyft drivers along with transportation networking drivers in Southern California. Here at Atchley & Associates Insurance Services, we make it a priority to work with our clients in need of rideshare insurance and have been recommended by Mercury Insurance due to our efforts of doing so.

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