Tools & Equipment Insurance

As contractors, we know you face many and varied risks, which is why we want to make sure your entire business is covered—down to the tools and equipment that you rely on to get the job done.  We're prepared to find and eqip you with the best protection policy for the most basic, yet integral components of your work

Tools & Equipment Insurance

Tools and equipment insurance covers your high-value, movable property—hand tools, power tools, and other daily tools—from all-too-common risks like theft and damage as you transport them to and from your worksite. We understand that your tools are not always in one place, and our quality policies will guarantee their replacement should an accident, theft, or loss happen along the way. 

What Does Tools & Equipment Insurance Cover?

Tools and equipment insurance commonly includes coverage for the following types of property:

  • Property in transit: contractor's tools and supplies
  • Mobile equipment: forklifts, dozers, track hoes, maintainers, loaders
  • Computer equipment and data: accounting software, lead-tracking data, policies, procedures, and other electronic assets

From the smallest hand tools to larger equipment, replacement costs can add up fast if your tools are stolen or damaged. With tools and equipment coverage from Atchley & Associates, together we can protect your investment and your livelihood.

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