Contractor Insurance

Contractors Insurance

Contractors Insurance applies to a wide range of service providers from actual construction contractors to plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, freelance writers, instructors, salon professionals and trainers of all kinds.  Each of these businesses has different and specific needs, potentials, and risks. 

That’s where Atchley & Associates comes in. We’re a local business too. We face the same challenges other companies do—managing people, delivering great service, finance, and, of course, growth.  We’re experienced in helping contractors prepare for the unexpected and creating customized insurance plans designed just for them.  

Contractors face unique exposures—everything from the risk of property loss and risks associated with work trucks and other vehicles, to making sure subcontractors are properly insured and handling the cost of legal help when responding to or settling claims or lawsuits.

To make sure you get the best contractors’ insurance at the right price, we spend time learning about you: your business, your people, your operation and your risks and exposures. Our breadth of service equips us with the skills to identify the best insurance policy available from multiple top-rated insurance companies, creating a protection package that is as unique as your personal business.

Top Coverage Considerations for Independent Contractors

  • Errors and omissions: Contractors who provide consulting and advice, such as accountants, financial planners, interior designers and landscape architects, need to be concerned about liability risks due to losses a client may experience as a result of the contractor’s recommendations.
  • Bodily injury and property damage: Contractors who work with heavy machinery and tools, such as plumbers, re-modelers and electricians, need to be concerned with mishaps due to hazards such as power tools, defective machinery and compressed gas.
  • Product and liquor liabilities: Independent contractors who serve food and alcohol at functions need to be concerned with potential injuries and illnesses due to food and alcohol served.
  • Medical and disability: As a contractor, you are most likely not on a group plan to cover your own injuries, which can leave you exposed to a loss of income risk if you become ill or injured.

Who Needs Contractors Insurance?

There are many types of independent contractors who all need independent contractors liability insurance and other coverage to match their specific risks. Some of the professionals that need contractors insurance include:

  • Independent construction contractors
  • Plumbers, carpenters, electricians and painters
  • Repair people
  • House and carpet cleaners
  • Freelance writers, editors and graphic designers
  • Independent hair stylists, and salon professionals
  • Horse or dog trainers

General Liability

In the high-risk construction industry, protection and safety are essential. Discover how contractor general liability insurance protects your business assets.

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Contractor Bonds

Need a contractor bond fast? Let us get you the license, bid, performance, payment and other surety bonds you need to get back to work.

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Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance protects the hard-working vehicles contractors and construction professionals need to do their job and grow their business.

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Workers' Comp

Workers’ comp insurance protects your employees from accidents and injuries in the high-risk construction industry. Find out more.

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Builders Risk

Find out how builders risk insurance protects your investments during the course of construction, and shields you from unexpected losses.

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Tools & Equipment

Tools & equipment insurance helps contractors protect their tools and equipment from of the most common risks of the trade, like theft or damage.

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Discover the ways umbrella insurance can offer the ultimate protection for your construction business - with one affordable premium.

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